How much does it cost to have a yacht party in Singapore?

Singapore is one of the most sought and rich countries worldwide. Most of the millennials are turning their backs into the ordinary party and now prefer to have a yacht party. These millennials are too eager to spend their money and time into life-changing experiences and create extraordinary memories.

The main question is: How much does it cost to have a yacht party in Singapore?

The Basic

The total cost of having a yacht party will really vary on the package that you will avail, along with the number of attendees and the inclusions. Moreover, if you have a small number of attendees to your yacht party, the basic fee would be $399 suitable for 12 persons for 4-hours. There is also a corresponding additional fee per person exceeding the 12th which is $50.

Above Average

Meanwhile, for a bigger yacht party, the average cost would be $400, best to accommodate 18 guests for 4 hours. The galley equipment, BBQ Grill and onboard karaoke system are included on the price.

The Premiums

For most adventurous and money wise yacht party, there are packages included once you avail the 4-hour charter for $560 good for 18 persons.

  • Kayaking
  • Snorkeling
  • Fishing Gear

The only catch of these businesses when you avail the yacht party package, there is an additional fee of $200 for BBQ Pit Rental and Grill service. While the premium, larger and luxurious yachts prices are ranging from $1,800 up to $4,200 that can accommodate 37 up to 50 persons.

Top celebrations held in a yacht party are engagement, post-engagement celebration, and mini-reunion of friends who have not seen each other for decades and even wedding ceremony with the people closest to the hearts of the couple.

Celebrating both small and big wins in life helps you to create and keep pictures and memories, indulging into unique experiences.