Why does a hotel need to execute better web design practices?

The 60% of both leisure and business travelers prefer to use search engines to find hotels appropriate to their budget and lifestyle rather than checking the direct hotel website during planning trip.

To outsmart your competitors and increase conversion here are the best web design practices you can execute:

1. Make the booking flow easy for better conversion.
You may install call to action buttons to other pages but when creating the booking page, make it clear and simple. Emphasize the different room types, amenities so guests can decide quickly.

Do not forget to include ample amount of visual for each room type, because senior guests prefer to see visuals rather than a plain page with all the list of amenities. Your web design in booking page should allow the guests to compare prices according to their budget, so they don’t have to check other hotel websites if they find your booking page difficult to understand.

2. Responsive Web Design
Improving and optimizing the mobile version of your website has been one of the reasons why conversion continues to increase for other brands. It’s highly recommended to make your website responsive to mobile, Android and any other sizes of desktop monitors.

Having a website is not just highlighting the different room types you offer but also, you need to make the booking decisions for people who are always on the go to be convenient. Make them feel the sense of urgency of reserving a room to your hotel.

3. Visual and Optimization Is the Key
One of the main features of every hotel to their website is the gallery. No matter how perfect the images in the gallery section, web design and even the functionality of the hotel’s virtual tour once it’s loaded, if it takes three seconds or more before it loads, guests will abandon your website.

Building a website for your hotel requires you to hire a professional to work on its web design, make every user-experience astounding, and have better numbers of revenue in a weekly or monthly basis.

Each time you have a client who needs a web design for their website ensures that user experience is as good as the guests will experience in the hotel itself.


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