Finally, you have a budget for your dream house. Your next step is to find the right people to help you execute the plans. One of them is an architect.

Here are vital questions that will help you find the best architect:

What are your services?
Every architectural firm has its niche. You can ask for a particular in-house architect who you think suits your needs. If you prefer a freelance architect,  ask the extent of services he/she can provide and how long will it take to complete the project. It is necessary to ask to know the deliverables and expectations.

You need to know how much time can he give to meet you to discuss the progress of the house construction.

How much is your professional fee?
Your budget includes an architect’s fee. Asking it outright is important, so you will know if your budget is enough. The size of the project usually determines the rate. If you demand more of his/her time during the construction, the architect may charge a higher fee. Negotiate to get a reasonable price.

How do you present the plan?
Architects use drawings, perspectives, and plans to demonstrate their design. If you want to visualize your dream house, ask for a 3D simulation. Discuss your specifications, so the architect will know what you want.

What if I change my mind?
Another point that you must clear during the initial discussion with the architect is the probability of change. Ask the extent of modification that he/she allows. Your architect may charge you an additional fee for this.

It is always best to have a short list of candidates for the job. Ask them individually the questions above to hasten your selection. Consider their answers, their reputation, their past projects, and their rates before choosing. Pick the one who you believe will help you make your dream house come true and maximize your budget.


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