The Budget-Friendly Hotels in Metro Manila

Gone are the days where hotel rooms are for relaxation and a safe haven during a business trip. These past few years, people are reserving rooms to hotels for a birthday celebration, anniversary, and even for bridal shower and stag party.
Never let any moment gets dull on your birthday! Choose from these newest and budget-friendly hotels in Metro Manila.

1. Sequoia Hotel

Reserve a room for you and your friends for as low as Php2, 410.00. This hotel is accessible to various pubs and restaurants in Quezon City for your sudden cravings at night. In fact, Sequoia Hotel features a function room if you have invited tons of friends and relatives from abroad are coming too.

2. The Sulo Riviera

If you prefer to hang out with friends on your birthday and still planning to go home after the celebration, you may want to stay at Sulo Riviera. Satisfy your cravings as Sulo Riviera’s Café Paraiso prepares continental and traditional cuisines and three available dining options at the vicinity, plus an outdoor pool.

3. B hotel

B Hotel in Quezon City promises a remarkable stay once you celebrate your birthday in this establishment. Each room boasts of modern interiors including industrial design elements. Celebrating your special day in B Hotel is more like staying in a condominium unit with personalized service tailored for your needs.

Aside from having a private room with your friends to celebrate the special day in your life, this establishment also features in-store salon where you can all pamper yourselves as a form of bonding. If music is your passion, a videoke room is also available.

Your birthday happens only once a year, seize the moment and do not let other people ruin it. Make the most out of it, file for a one-day leave and invite your close friends to join you to celebrate.